Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and the

CFS Natural Therapy Program

The CFS Natural Therapy Program is a structured therapeutic program to support ME/CFS sufferers and help them re-establish their health naturally.

It is designed as a thorough Clinical Holistic assessment, a Dietary program, a Herbal Medicine Therapy, and a sequence of strategically organised sessions of direct support. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms can be overcome by applying the program constantly for a number of weeks, which can vary with regards to the complication of each case. Some people feel immediately better after only three weeks, some other might take longer.

However, and very importantly, the program will show you how to take back your health in your hands, trusting your body and the help of therapy once more.

Here below we offer a case study for yourself to familiarise with the ideas revolving around this program.

In this Case Study you will learn:

  • A new physiology that simplifies the issues you might have had so far in understanding the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • How to assess your body's health thanks to that physiology, so that you can learn from its symptoms invaluable information on its health
  • How to avoid eating diets that strain your body systems so you can finally develop an efficient and clean foundation for all your body functions
  • You will also learn to use herbs to specifically stimulate, nourish, reactivate the body tissues so that you can use them to contribute and support the natural ability of your body to live and thrive
  • How to develop trust in the recovery so you can finally forget the fear and get back your body's strength and your freedom

Feedback from current and previous clients: